Stephen Shorr
    Stephen Shorr paints in the style of Picasso and Matisse. Born in Providence, Rhode Island he studied art at the Rhode Island School of Design University while still in high school and graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Business. Having been accepted to Suffolk University Law School he chose instead to pursue a career in art.

      By the age of thirteen Stephen Shorr's talent was already apparent. As a teenager he was considered a prodigy creating large works of art such as The Fall of Richmond - an ode to the Civil War and Stirling Castle the setting of several of Shakespeare's plays in Scotland. In high school he gained acclaim for his ten foot wide colored chalk murals on blackboard for the annual school fair.

       While in London, England for a six month work/study program he had his first one man show in the City of London. At the age of 23 he combined his love of art with business and opened his first art gallery in New York City. He soon became a purveyor of art to such corporate giants as IBM, Xerox, International Nickel, Chase Manhattan Bank, Chemical Bank, Manufactures Hanover, the Saudi Royal Family and the motion picture star Burt Reynolds and singer Elton John.

 In 2006 Stephen retired. He had spent 37 years selling other artist's work including Picasso, Chagall, Dali, and Miro while neglecting his own painting. Five years later  he began painting once again. An intrepid painter and jewelry designer, Stephen Shorr's brilliant use of color is influenced by the great artists of the early and mid-twentieth century. In a very short period of time his break with classical art and design has made Stephen Shorr's work a favorite with collectors all over the world.